Happy 4th Anniversary, Josiah!

Without realising, 4 years have past us. We have been having too much fun. We’re indeed still a fresh newly married couple. To be honest, that’s how exciting it is. Our relationship has grown so much over the past six years of knowing each other. We had the toughest year last year, and overcoming what we went through and what comes next can only strengthen our marriage. Our marriage is made of togetherness, excitement and joy, complementing each other. We’re soul-mates, we’re best friends.

I am very blessed to have a man who makes me laugh all the time, who puts me in my spot when I need to have a check on myself, one whom I truly admire not just as a sportsman and whatever traits that come with it; discipline, tenacity, perseverance, charm, charisma and everything. I might have said this gazillion times, I have to say it again. Josiah Ng, I truly look up to you and I am proud to be your other half. I am proud to be Mrs. Josiah Ng.

Together we will conquer the world!

Above: Our wedding reception at The Westin, Kuala Lumpur on 28 June 2009.

Some highlights in the past year.

I threw Josiah a birthday party – barbeque session / pool party and invited about 50 guests.

At the P&G salon, London Olympics 2012 Athletes’ Village.

Rome, Italy – Segway Tour. At the┬áColosseum.

Scooter ride around Rome, Italy.

Horse ride in Florence, Italy.

Overlooking Rome, Italy.

Chianti, Italy after a horse-riding session.

Versailles, Paris where Josiah rowed the boat all the way to the end of the river. I just sat in the boat, like a maiden in the olden days – just missing my Victorian dress.

Australian Open, Melbourne 2013.

Earlier this year, we climbed up to the top of Mount Kinabalu at 4095m. Then, we went on another 6-hour Mountain Torq activity via Ferrata. We had so much fun, such a spectacular view!

Yes, we will conquer the world together! You, me, Chutney and more…


  1. Happy Anniversary Babe. :)

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