Trapeze & Handstands Workshop

Prior to the Viva Circus performance, I attended the Handstands and Trapeze workshop. Held at the Viva Stage at Jalan Yap Ah Shak along the Asian Heritage Row, the nine of us participants were a diverse crowd.

Having done some pretty scary-looking upside down tricks on the pole and silks, I still fear handstands. I don’t know why I am afraid of seeing the world upside down, knowing that I have to trust my hands’ strength entirely.

Yasuaki Tsutsui led the workshop, warming us up by pairing us up in different exercise zones including hanging upside down on the hoops without arms, planking, squat jumps and more, to enhance our core muscles before we attempt the handstands. Then, we gathered together in a circle and Yas taught us some partner-strength workout, the basics of palm grip for a handstand and finally how to launch into different various of handstands before he demonstrated a free handstand (off the wall).

For me, it’s important to learn techniques from various instructors. I can never have enough knowledge. Application is key to improving technique and ultimately improving my form.

Viva Stage is like a playground!

Yas demonstrating handstands.

A trapeze demo by Yas.

Group photo – participants of the Handstands and Trapeze workshop.