My Pole Divas Transformation



I grew up in Malaysia with delicious unhealthy yummy food. I was eating large portions but was still very skinny and gaunt-looking. I lacked awareness on healthy eating and fitness.

I was a student of ballet for 10 years and stopped exercising altogether from 2002-2009 till I started pole dancing.

In 2009, I got married and moved to Australia with my husband who is a three-time Olympic track cyclist and Commonwealth gold medalist representing Malaysia. When we got together, I had no clue about fitness.

While I was new to Australia at the end of 2009, I searched for dance classes in Prahran at Pole Divas and stumbled upon pole dancing via google search and decided to attend, on my own, a Polesations class with Shelley and was immediately hooked! Shelley’s skills with the pole absolutely had me in awe. I wanted to be like her. I immediately enrolled into a static pole dancing course and doubled my sessions on spinning poles. I learnt more from and about each pole dancing instructor and wanted to emulate them.

Back then, I was living 1km away from Pole Divas Prahran and always looked forward to my classes. It seemed like there was always time for my dance classes. I would clock off work at 5pm in the city, get home and cook for my husband and still have time to get fit at pole sessions!

I love pole dancing because it is an extension of what I had left off at ballet. People have told me that I’ve been lucky to have had a ballet background. I did lose a bit of flexibility while being dormant from dance but I managed to retrieve my flexibility after I started pole dancing again! There is a never-ending journey with pole dancing in search of our ultimate fitness. I am still working on my splits and will someday achieve over-splits!



I am honoured to have had the opportunity to compete and train in ballet for ten years in my earlier days up to Advanced level in the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD).

At Pole Divas, I competed in Unleashed 2010 (Intermediate) dancing to a Kung Fu theme.

In 2011, Jen Cheah and I emerged as winners in the doubles category of Unleashed 2011 dancing to Bohemian Rhapsody.

In 2012, I went on a 3-month holiday overseas and explored pole dancing at various studios in France, Italy and USA including the Pole Expo in Las Vegas.

In 2013, I decided to join not just one but two pole competitions and decided to take it overseas! I emerged as the winner of the Amateur Open category of the Pole Stars Championships 2013 in Malaysia which featured competitors from all over Asia. A month later, I competed in Unleashed 2013 and won the Best Dressed category in my red fiery outfit.

I have been blogging since 2002 and started posting about pole dancing since 2009. My blog has inspired a handful of people to take up pole dancing.


If I were selected as a Pole Divas Ambassador, I will ensure the following:

Join Unleashed 2015 or similar pole dancing competitions, push my body to a higher level.

I will continue to be an advocate in nutrition, fitness and pole dancing through social media portals like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @kimongsk and blog at

I will accept circus arts performances/ gigs in Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur and embrace my role as a pole dance performer.

I will also continue to promote Pole Divas and pole dancing internationally through participation in a closed “Pole Dancing Bloggers” only network, visit international pole dancing studios, competitions and expos.

I will be an active member to contribute my ideas to Pole Divas, as a voice of students to help both parties improve: instructors and students.

I will continue to introduce others to do pole dancing as I have with a handful of people including Chong Wui Leng who has inspired others to pole dance! Also with pole dancing, I have inspired my sister Jean Ong in Malaysia to lose 17 kgs early this year. It’s marvellous what social media can do to help others achieve their goals the same way as I have been inspired too.

I’ll always be at the pole studio to practice together with other students.

I’ll continue to learn more about the pole dancing fitness industry and would like to explore the idea of being a Pole Divas franchise owner someday or a pole dance instructor.


Pole dancing has improved my marriage. It’s not just about bringing sexy floor work into the bedroom!

For the past few years, pole dancing has improved my discipline at home; my time management in being able to juggle work, home and exercise! Oh, and especially the hours put into preparing for pole competitions too! I have become mentally stronger and am constantly challenging myself and immersing myself in positivity to achieve my next pole goal.

Being the wife of such a high-performing athlete has its challenges and former arguments had always been about my lack of exercise (for my own benefit) but this was never the case since I started pole dancing! The energy my husband and I share from our sports (pole dancing and cycling) has placed a good impact on our relationship. Also, my husband loves a fitter me!

As you know, pole dancing has just been recognised as a sport in the World Pole Gymnastics Federation (WPGF). There is an ongoing petition for pole dancing to be included in the Olympics. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could represent my country at the Tokyo 2020? My retired husband can then cook my meals while I go for my pole training on a daily basis! It might be a long shot but hey, it all starts with a dream and a goal. Nothing is impossible. Look at the wonderful and inspiring ladies I’ve been associated with now from pole dancing.


For the past two months, I have been doing some soul searching because I turn 30 years old on 5 October 2014. I question my priorities on life, family, work and fitness.

I decided that I have spent so much time and energy in pole dancing that it is a waste to let it slip when I am so highly associated with pole dancing amongst my peers and even friends who once thought of pole dancing as sleazy have a newfound respect in this art form. This really means something and I have decided to focus my energy on pole dancing in 2015.

I am that girl (uhhh, thirty year old woman) who will take my fitness to a higher level because I am the typical skinny fat girl in pursuit of a fitter body. I am today and tomorrow, not what I was yesterday; a “skinny fat girl”. I have muscles and I look much healthier.

Come and walk with me on this pole fitness journey and I hope to be your Pole Divas Prahran Ambassador.

Kim Ong
Pole Divas Student

Svetlana Makoutina for Magnificent Miss 2014

One of my fellow pole fitness classmates Svetlana Makoutina is a finalist for a beauty pageant here in Melbourne named Magnificent Miss 2014. Svetlana is 29 years old, currently working as a National Retail Property Analyst for ANZ bank and volunteers as a finance board member for a not for profit organisation. She loves to stay active through photography, traveling and spending time with friends.

As a hobby she also does fitness modelling and body building. Svetlana volunteers a lot of her time to the Parkinson Disease community through networking, building awareness about the disease and providing community groups with access to education and training on how to continue living their lives with Parkinson disease.

She is very excited about being a part of Magnificent Miss as she has worked with children from abusive homes previously as well as children with psychological conditions and found it so rewarding and she would love to be able to contribute in a different way to raise awareness for children with Heart Disease as well through Magnificent Miss 2014.

Wishing Svetlana all the best – truly beauty, brains and for such a good cause.

More here: Magnificent Miss 2014 Facebook Page

Pole Divas Unleashed 2014 Amateur Pole Dancing Competition

It was a nostalgic evening for me through my years of pole dancing with the best pole dancing studio in Australia, Pole Divas. Tonight, we celebrated 10 years of Pole Divas at Unleashed 2014 in its inaugural amateur pole dancing competition and this year definitely saw the level being stepped up yet again!

This year’s competition wasn’t a live audition but via video submission. I have been involved in the last 5 years of Unleashed, three times competing and twice as audience. The one in 2012 where Jennyrose emerged as Elite winner was the year I watched the live auditions. This year I had no expectations at all from competitors (didn’t even see or hear about routines prior) so it was definitely a treat and I enjoyed the night.

Let’s have a short review of how the evening went. The show started on time at 7pm as guests were seated at Greyhound Hotel and the general admission tickets allowed for people to stand behind the seats and upstairs. The venue was huge enough to accommodate the lot and it was a very good view from everywhere especially at ground level, except for the occasional 6-footer dudes or girls with hair buns that would block the view onstage. Performances with floor work were not that visible for seated guests (see, this is why I enjoyed my night as a spectator instead of being onstage so I can improve my performance should I join next year).

As expected, the evening started with a fantastic performance from the pole dancing instructors, grouped according to their studios. As you know, the theme for the evening was “school-theme” for a 10-year reunion.

Congratulations to Pole Divas founder Kennetta Hutchens, great milestone, fearless leader!


Prahran: Cheerleaders

Richmond: Goths / Misfits

Moonee Ponds: Geeks

Mornington: Football League

All I can say about their performances is this: smoking hot!

After the instructors’ routine, host of the evening Davina Currie commenced the evening by introducing all the sponsors which included Aerial Divas, Pole Fitness World, Pole Physics, Trademark Therapy, Rarrr Designs, X-Pole Australia, Beauty Bee and Spice-Up Australia. Davina then introduced the competitors and had a few changes of outfits according to levels, from the conservative pole shorts to the ultimate pole wear.

Just a little bit about Davina – she had spent the last decade in the fitness industry as an aerobics instructor and was managing a gym. I’m sure as nostalgic as she would be too earlier this evening, she opened up the Mornington studio in June 2006 after graduating from Pole Divas Prahran.


The level rises quite significantly each year, it’s almost a plus point if you’re able to do more advanced tricks from the level you compete in. Andrijana Perovic won her level with a highly energetic performance to a burlesque theme.


Rachel Bryant took to the stage a great start until she started performing on spin mode and slipped off the pole in an upside down move and could not continue her performance. It was nerve-wrecking to watch, we cringed and could only try to imagine how painful it must have been to be in her position. She was okay and everyone cheered even louder for her. Hope she recovers soon and gets a proper checkup on her neck or back. Polies, like athletes recover fast from injuries! Last year, Rachel won the Beginner’s and Doubles category being the only one from last year to go home with two sashes. So, don’t worry about Rachel – she’s a fighter and she’ll be back again next year for sure. That’s the Pole Divas spirit and she’s a champ!

Natasha Kotova had a mesmerising performance, with such fluidity and great eye contact with the audience. Emma King had an impactful performance dancing to Metallica’s Enter Sandman and Jennifer Zimmermann took the sash home with a great performance with stunning pole tricks.


As the levels progressed throughout the night, I didn’t envy the judges as they would have had a hard time judging the competitors. This category saw eleven stunning competitors. Zoe Crawshaw had a booty-shaking performance to Beyonce. Sara Colquhoun had the best use for floor space, leaping gracefully across the stage, truly a dancer. Yuan Liu (Bubbles) in her signature lyrical style, displayed great emotions onstage, touching hearts. Nicola Baschuk had great lines. Yeasmin Veronica had very nice emotional Latino piece and a stunning classy glitter monokini.

Cruella De Vil was in the house too, with amazing change of coats in her routine like a musical pole performance without the singing by Barbara Henderson whom I thought would have stood a chance in winning Best Dressed too but the talented lady did make some other costumes for the other competitors. She won anyway because the Best Dressed winner went to Heidi Ha in her transformers outfit. Barbara also made costumes for doubles pair Nut and Noodles and Elite 2nd runner up Melinda Clark. What a talented lady!

Who else? There are more! Just a few to mention from memory.

Lauren Magner won this category dancing to Sia’s Chandelier. Lauren’s win reminded me of Simona Pop who won last year’s category in a similar manner and style; fantastic performance with extreme flexibility, lines and tricks that were pretty much Elite level. Oh, not forgetting her lovely Herve Leger grey pole outfit which I absolutely loved!


Nut (Hazel) and Noodles (“Mi” Goreng) had the best story and theme of the night, I reckon, totally unexpected with their white eyelashes and a mirror between two poles, it had a story of doubles seeing each other in the mirror and overpowering one another in a Black Swan theme with the white swan eventually killing the black swan. Loved it!

Rachel Bryant who slipped earlier in the Intermediate category had instructor Tania perform in her shoes; in a Ghostbuster-themed performance with her partner Sarah.

Doubles winners were Jacinta and Steph in their extremely synchronised cute burlesque performance.


Alison Wong appeared onstage first in a very strong performance as we continue to see her in the professional competitive space like Victorian Pole Championships and Miss Pole Australia.

Michelle Lee’s outfit was simply amazing, very pixie/fairy-like which matched her petite physique yet strong and great lines.

When Jacalyn Williams appeared onstage dancing to AC/DC’s  Thunderstruck piece, I thought to myself, “This is very ‘Cleo the Hurricane’!” A few seconds later, I was left gaping with Jacalyn (Rockit)’s strong performance with her extreme kicks, leg extensions, head bangs, head rolls, crazy tricks, highly energetic and powerful right through to the end without looking like she was gasping for breath. Simply amazing! Well done!

Laura Lockhart took to stage too with a lovely performance in a theme where she was shot in the forehead and had blood oozing out of her.

Heidi Ha appeared onstage in a full mask in a robotic Transformer theme. Her theme was all about strength, power and intense look throughout. And for the very first time, I saw Heidi without her spectacles on. This theme suited Heidi very well. I’ve seen how Heidi come a long way and like other ladies, had worked very hard and she’s constantly inspired us. She thought she lacked dance moves, flexibility and tonight she proved herself wrong. The cute pocket rocket is also known my Kung Fu sister – because we always bow to each other before attempting a Kung Fu flag pole trick to motivate each other to enter into the brass monkey move). Heidi clinched two titles; Best Dressed and Elite 1st Runner Up and was the only competitor to obtain double sashes this year!

Kelly B took to stage in a red cape, in a red riding hood theme. The music started, and it was the wrong song. That didn’t dampen her spirits to restart her routine and ending it perfectly. It’s so lovely to see Kelly competing for the very first time seeing how she’s progressed so well over the years. A great dancer, she is!

Katie Lou has been a serial Unleashed competitor, we’ve joined the same categories over the years. Stunning lines, great strength and this year’s performance was really entertaining and fun as she danced to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. The song’s stuck in my head now at the time of writing this!

Melinda Clark who won the Beginner level of Aerial Unleashed a few years back had joined a few pole dancing competitions and did not get through some and with sheer dedication and perseverance. Tonight, she wowed the audience and judges taking home 2nd runner up as she danced to Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black. You see, pole dancing journey is about the experience to strive for perfection and having known all these amazing ladies is just simply spectacular.


Nostalgic competition for me because I first joined Pole Divas in 2010 I joined my first pole dancing competition in Intermediate level when it was held at Room 680 on Glenferie Road. I didn’t win, but the following year I won it together with Jennyrose in a doubles performance to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Just growing up with the studio and with the instructors, making new friends who share the same passion for pole dancing together throughout the years. Last year, I won Best Dressed and participated in the Elite category. Will I join next year? Maybe! Why? Because I can then have a goal to work towards to and can have fun along the way.

The ladies tonight were simply inspiring!

Pole Divas Unleashed 2014

Congratulations to the organisers, participants and winners of #Unleashed2014. Now you’ll have to wait for the professionally-taken photos and official DVD coming out very soon!

Log on to for more news, information and pole inspiration!

Winner: Jacalyn Williams
1st Runner Up: Heidi Ha
2nd Runner Up: Melinda Clark

Winners: Jacinta & Steph

Winner: Lauren Magner

Winner: Jennifer Zimmermann


Winner: Andrijana Perovic

Winner: Heidi Ha
BEST Andrijana Perovic

NU Pilates


I tried a group reformer pilates session for the very first time ever in my life at NU Pilates. I even surprised myself by attending the morning 9.30am session, a great way to start my day and week ahead. I can’t even remember the last time I worked out earlier than 11am! Pilates definitely bodes with my range of workout in aerial and pole fitness. I had no expectations of what pilates was; I knew it involved an equipment and definitely some kind of stretching. I thought it was an easy apparatus that would help you stretch and flex.

Pilates is a dynamic body conditioning routine that ignites your powerhouse, the muscular network that builds a strong foundation – legs, abs, hips and back. It calls upon spinal and pelvic alignment, learned breathing, control, balance and flow of movement. A pilates program allows for stepped levels of intensity as the body adapts to the strength, stretch and stamina required to accurately perform the exercises.

There are three levels of intensity according to resistance of the pilates reformer equipment’s stretch and other supporting equipments. I started with the beginner class.


I was mildly surprised that like ballet, barre fitness and yoga; pilates involved a lot of strengthening, core work and coordination of your limbs. It is hard work and one can huff and puff at the end of the set if done properly. I was made aware of my alignment to have the pilates reformer help me achieve the desired stretch of my body’s full potential. This was helped by my instructor’s occasional prompts on my movements like a personal trainer would, thanks to Co-Owner and Director of NU Pilates, Paul Torcasio who instructed the five of us ladies (try having me ask the older ladies if they’d like to be included in my #selfie!). There were a total of seven pilates reformers which allows for individual attention.


I found it a little tricky to find the location at first by foot as I was new to the area and my iPhone5 decided to shutdown at the time when I was frantically looking on my Google Map. It’s in the back lane of Dundas Place.

They are offering a free first trial session on their website currently at the time of the publication of this blog entry as they are NU! Group classes cost $35 per session and sessions purchased by bulk would be discounted. See more here.

NU Pilates

Upstairs at 115 Dundas Place, Albert Park, Victoria
(enter at rear, via Dundas Lane)

Tel: 03 9682 5085


7-Eleven Pink Ribbon Cup Day 2014

The Pink Ribbon Cup has now cemented itself in Melbourne as one of the flagship events on the racing and social calendar during the Autumn season. This event, the 7-Eleven Pink Ribbon Cup Day 2014 celebrated 10 years of this day in support of breast cancer awareness and research - funding the work of Melbourne scientist Dr Delphine Merino, who explains below what she hopes her research will achieve for people with breast cancer.

Josiah and I were invited by YC & Scott to The Promenade Room of Caulfield Racecourse with a full lunch and we watched horse-racing from noon till evening. It was my first time ever to a horse-racing racing event in Melbourne and I’ve always been quite excited about the idea because it involves dressing up, which is the fun part of it.

I struggled to find anything pink in my outfit and realised that I’m not quite “girly-girl” when it comes to fashion. I seemed to have a lot of black dresses. I decided to wear my new Herve Leger dress. There was one bright pink ballet tutu that I had bought from Bloch recently hoping to give it to the next female baby I come across. One of those impulse buying decisions I made while shopping at the recent Melbourne Bloch once-in-a-decade warehouse sale. I decided to put a cute baby tutu in my hair! I bunched the waistband of the tutu together using a hairtie and put a black hairband through the hairtie and secured it into my hair with pins.

Josiah on the other hand wore a little bow tie from the same hairband I had on me. The diamante pink breast cancer awareness pin was from an Estee Lauder event I attended in Kuala Lumpur years ago. His suit was from Bespoked, from our wedding five years ago – wow has it been that long?

Josiah Ng & Kim Ong

We had no idea about horseracing at all but was very fortunate to have Scott explain to us. Josiah was attentive about the entire process because he likened the horses to himself during his keirin-racing stint in Japan.

Scott YC

The lovely couple Scott & YC.

At the Promenade restaurant, we had a friendly waiter attending to us the entire evening throughout the three-course meal.


Above: Cured ocean trout with confit orange pickled fennel & watercress


Above: Braised beef cheek with sauteed mushrooms, bacon & parsnip mash


Above: Tiramisu


Above: Pink Moscato to suit the pink event.


Above: My view from the restaurant on level 2.


I liked the fact that I attended the race when it’s not too busy to get an understanding on how it all works; like during Melbourne Cup 2013/2014 where apparently usually gets “smashed” (drunk) and you’ll have ladies in pretty dresses falling all over and going barefeet after standing in their high heels all afternoon during summer.


I bet four times in small amounts during the race and won twice with “Pressing” and “Natuzzi” winning. I guess I had the beginner’s luck! I had no real basis for betting except that I judged based on the mood of the horse (how they wagged their tail) – not like I was a real expert on that anyway, the horses’ muscles, the jockey and how flexible they seemed to move during their practice run and from the analysis in the little guide book based on how often the horses race. For the most of it, I counted on my intuition and was right twice. Yay! Both wins made the afternoon so much more fun!

Josiah Ng & Kim Ong

Top to toe.

Him: Hat by Diesel, shirt by (unknown), tie from Kim’s hair band, suit by Bespoked, shoes by Cole Haan.
Her: Hair with donut bun, fascinator is a tutu from Bloch, lashes by Shu Uemura, dress by Herve Leger, vintage purse from dad Mr. Ong’s former manbag, vintage gold bangle by Emma Page, heels by Lewre.


I was two tables away from this lady (above) but I found her extremely regal-looking and wanted to take a photo of her. I hope to look this classy when I’m older. She held her poise so well, absolutely stunning!


Josiah Ng

Kim Ong

It was a great experience, loved it!