7-Eleven Pink Ribbon Cup Day 2014

The Pink Ribbon Cup has now cemented itself in Melbourne as one of the flagship events on the racing and social calendar during the Autumn season. This event, the 7-Eleven Pink Ribbon Cup Day 2014 celebrated 10 years of this day in support of breast cancer awareness and research - funding the work of Melbourne scientist Dr Delphine Merino, who explains below what she hopes her research will achieve for people with breast cancer.

Josiah and I were invited by YC & Scott to The Promenade Room of Caulfield Racecourse with a full lunch and we watched horse-racing from noon till evening. It was my first time ever to a horse-racing racing event in Melbourne and I’ve always been quite excited about the idea because it involves dressing up, which is the fun part of it.

I struggled to find anything pink in my outfit and realised that I’m not quite “girly-girl” when it comes to fashion. I seemed to have a lot of black dresses. I decided to wear my new Herve Leger dress. There was one bright pink ballet tutu that I had bought from Bloch recently hoping to give it to the next female baby I come across. One of those impulse buying decisions I made while shopping at the recent Melbourne Bloch once-in-a-decade warehouse sale. I decided to put a cute baby tutu in my hair! I bunched the waistband of the tutu together using a hairtie and put a black hairband through the hairtie and secured it into my hair with pins.

Josiah on the other hand wore a little bow tie from the same hairband I had on me. The diamante pink breast cancer awareness pin was from an Estee Lauder event I attended in Kuala Lumpur years ago. His suit was from Bespoked, from our wedding five years ago – wow has it been that long?

Josiah Ng & Kim Ong

We had no idea about horseracing at all but was very fortunate to have Scott explain to us. Josiah was attentive about the entire process because he likened the horses to himself during his keirin-racing stint in Japan.

Scott YC

The lovely couple Scott & YC.

At the Promenade restaurant, we had a friendly waiter attending to us the entire evening throughout the three-course meal.


Above: Cured ocean trout with confit orange pickled fennel & watercress


Above: Braised beef cheek with sauteed mushrooms, bacon & parsnip mash


Above: Tiramisu


Above: Pink Moscato to suit the pink event.


Above: My view from the restaurant on level 2.


I liked the fact that I attended the race when it’s not too busy to get an understanding on how it all works; like during Melbourne Cup 2013/2014 where apparently usually gets “smashed” (drunk) and you’ll have ladies in pretty dresses falling all over and going barefeet after standing in their high heels all afternoon during summer.


I bet four times in small amounts during the race and won twice with “Pressing” and “Natuzzi” winning. I guess I had the beginner’s luck! I had no real basis for betting except that I judged based on the mood of the horse (how they wagged their tail) – not like I was a real expert on that anyway, the horses’ muscles, the jockey and how flexible they seemed to move during their practice run and from the analysis in the little guide book based on how often the horses race. For the most of it, I counted on my intuition and was right twice. Yay! Both wins made the afternoon so much more fun!

Josiah Ng & Kim Ong

Top to toe.

Him: Hat by Diesel, shirt by (unknown), tie from Kim’s hair band, suit by Bespoked, shoes by Cole Haan.
Her: Hair with donut bun, fascinator is a tutu from Bloch, lashes by Shu Uemura, dress by Herve Leger, vintage purse from dad Mr. Ong’s former manbag, vintage gold bangle by Emma Page, heels by Lewre.


I was two tables away from this lady (above) but I found her extremely regal-looking and wanted to take a photo of her. I hope to look this classy when I’m older. She held her poise so well, absolutely stunning!


Josiah Ng

Kim Ong

It was a great experience, loved it!

Breathe Life into Dance

Dance as an expression of life.

How our state of mind affects our movements when we dance or not 

Professional dancers have the ability to hide and mask their true emotions even if the role they play onstage isn’t how they feel in reality. Imagine this, a ballerina taking to stage The Sugar Plum Fairy when someone dear’s just passed away or even a recent breakup. This is much easier than a happy ballerina taking to stage the role of the Dying Swan.

In a freestyle pole dance, how do we dance to reflect our current state of mind. This is when music or song choice comes into play as well as personality and overall theme of dance.

Spirituality of dance 

Dance is the manifestation of existence, the universe. I remember in a contemporary class I attended in my earlier days, I was told to stand still but allow my body to sway, close my eyes and imagine myself looking at a single tree. Thinking nothing at all but looking at that tree with eyes shut, leaving out my daily thoughts and stress. Slowly but surely allowing my body to move, sway and if my thoughts permit me, move in accordance to how I felt at that time around the other 20 participants in the same room (minimal movements of course with eyes half open by that time).

Every movement made is prevalent of life form; when we jete, we do it like a horse’s graceful gallop and leap with every limb extended into a beautiful art movement; dance.

Ultimately, how we choose to display our spirituality and emotions into dance, is how we breathe life into dance. A good dancer is always in tune with what’s required onstage.


Is it an angry, scary contemporary dance? Do it whole-heartedly. Although, I must say that my last year’s competition performance was seen as a cute pixie trying to look scary (according to Mia, one of my polies). I guess I have a long way off. See above photo.

Here’s a great example of emotions being set in dance piece. Here’s Miss Filly taking to stage a dance of her state of mind at the time of the Aerial All Stars 2014 competition. The emcee of the evening introduced her and talked about how she had recently broken up with her boyfriend and the dance was “for” him, but really for us the audience. Miss Filly placed 1st runner up in this unpredictable, stunning, emotional piece.

I’m angry at her ex-boyfriend now for whatever he did wrong, but the hot pole diva Miss Filly definitely deserves better!

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Kim’s Peanut-Choc Bliss Balls

My job’s really fun. I get to explore new recipes (anything to do with blending) and the hype now seems to be bliss balls, fluff balls, protein balls or whatever balls you’d like to name it. This is one heavenly balls recipe because it’s heavy with peanuts and raw cacao powder. Here’s how I made some for Josiah today using Spectablend blender. It’s Easter and this is quite a delicious alternative. Hope you enjoy this recipe. There are so many ways to make this. You can have different types of ingredients and can adjust according to your taste bud or even texture. I like mine to be a little rough and “crumbly”. How do you like your balls?

Peanut-Choc Bliss Balls


  • 2 cups of salted peanuts
  • 1 scoop of protein powder by Prana Organic Nutrition
  • 1 spoon of raw cacao powder by Loving Earth
  • 1/2 cup of Pure Veda wholegrains, seeds and raisins
  • 20ml of almond milk
  • 1/2 cup of dessicated coconut
  • 5ml of coconut water


  1. Start by blending salted peanuts until smooth but not solidified and creamy, no longer than 1 minute in your Spectablend blender.
  2. Mix all the above ingredients (except for dessicated coconut and coconut water) into your Spectablend jar.
  3. Pulse and blend ingredients into meal form. They should all be well mixed into crumbs and eventually incorporated into a big ball.
  4. Use your spatula to remove blend from the jar into a mixing bowl.
  5. Start shaping your ball by firmly pressing them together.
  6. Depending on how moist your bliss balls are, you can roll them over dessicated coconut (or coconut flakes).
  7. Use coconut water to wet the bliss balls to ensure desicated coconut sticks.
  8. Allow to refrigerate for a few hours for the best texture.

Happy Easter!

We Are Happy from St Kilda, Melbourne

You’ve probably listened to the HAPPY song being played over and over again as it’s been on the Billboard top 100 for six consecutive weeks now and counting. Singer Pharrell Williams is a successful American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician, and fashion designer. He also came up with the world’s first 24 hour music video at 24hourofhappy.com. Following this, an initiative called wearehappyfrom.com was created for international video submissions from around the world.

Yours truly is glad to be a part of this amazing video directed by Aaron Wilson (Director of the movie Canopy released on April 24, 2014) and produced by Serge Thomann. We did this a few weeks ago and participated with my fellow Pole Divas girlfriends Hazel and Tamara. Shot at and for St Kilda, we danced happy on the streets like crazy happy people (because that’s what happy people do!) and spun around street poles and at one point at a backpacker’s bar / lodge where they had two poles in their bar section.

The people of St Kilda in Melbourne join the Happy craze and dance through their village and beaches. Check out the local people and celebrities like painter Mirka Mora, AFL Legend Ron Barassi, artist Gavin Brown, world champion skater Renton Millar, the Saints, skydivers, ballet dancers, others in Luna Park and many others residents, traders and visitors having fun in this beautiful and cool place.









And now….presenting to you the actual video. How many times can you spot yours truly in this video?

Melbourne’s First Healthy Breakfast Tram

If anything involves using a hashtag of #healthy, I’d be sure to jump on the bandwagon since it bodes well with my new lifestyle in recent years jumping out of my skinny-fat “bodysuit”. So, earlier this morning from 8.30am, I had the honour of hopping on to my first experience with Melbourne’s Colonial Tram Restaurant for an hour plus as it departed from tram stop 125 at Normanby Road (corner of Clarendon St) in a breakfast invitation in conjunction with the Australian Fitness and Health Fitness this coming weekend.

You know, Josiah and I could not be happier being in Australia in a fitness-oriented culture that condones healthy eating. According to statistics in Australia, there is a 31% increase in exercise around Christmas and Easter so Aussies can consume more treat foods. 34% are currently on a diet. 42% say diets don’t work. In a #selfie culture, let’s not deny that we love our food especially in a foodie city like Melbourne. We love taking photos of our food; healthy or not – we are what we eat. Nothing beats good quality food with superfoods, good nutrients and recipes that please the eyes.

Teresa Cutter, the prominent Australian Healthy Chef had designed a breakfast meal for us; myself together with other journalists, health and fitness gurus, bloggers and former athletes.

The chef and his assistant welcomed us all into the Tram Restaurant with open arms. I was the eager first to enter as I guessed, we had to hop on the tram restaurant in a timely manner so other trams won’t be delayed. That’s the valid reason apart from being hungry.

Green Goodness Juice – contains apple, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon, lettuce, parsley and spinach. This is the ultimate drink everyone’s talking about, high in antioxidants to promote optimum health and vitality.

Superfood Muesli - biodynamic yoghurt scented with Healthy Chef Organic superfood and topped with figs, berries, pomegranate and pistachio.

Wellness Bowl – massaged kale, lemon scented garden herbs, cured ocean trout, organic gribiche eggs, beetroot pomegranate relish. The bowl was accompanied by a European style fruit sourdough chock-full of walnuts and dry figs by Brasserie Bread. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d notice I eat a lot of salmon. I buy so much salmon that I could even guess the brand name and type of salmon Teresa Cutter has used in her dish. I’m guessing it’s Salmon Gravadlax by Huon, or I could be wrong. The taste? Absolutely delicious with savoury and sweet ingredients combined.

I had always wondered what it was like inside the Tram Restaurant, if it was to be squishy or how shaky would the tram be. It was a smooth journey. The tram apparently has a special stabilizer; and that is why none of our cups and glasses filled to the brim spilled. Lunch and dinner on this tram would cost from $85 to $137.50 depending on number of courses.

Yes, that was an ideal healthy breakfast to get my day going.