Relaunching Soon

I am a Fitness Foodie. Can those two words be merged? Absolutely! *chuckles* I live to eat and yeahhh, I occasionally exercise. I indulge in aerial arts: hoop, trapeze, silks, pole dancing and after a 13-year hiatus, I’m now back to adult ballet. I love cooking and I love exploring the Melbournian food scene. Life is beautiful. My life has evolved tremendously over the years with marriage, entrepreneurial endeavours etc. like Intertain private dining tech startup. Those things took precedence over my blog but this online place I call “home” has helped me grow over the years.

Stay tuned to this page as I will be relaunching soon! Not sure when “soon” is happening but entrepreneurial endeavours come first.

Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram with lots of food photos, Facebook which is a mirror of Instagram and Twitter where I share my thoughts on tech, biz, startup.

Kim Ong

Above: Me in Paris in an Arabesque position 2012 after the London Olympics.